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It has been said that up to 90% of the most desirable furniture masterpieces have been acquired either by museums or wealthy individuals for their private collections.

As a result, the majority of period furniture lovers have no opportunity to own some of the most desirable furniture pieces

We fill that void by crafting museum quality period furniture reproductions of notable pieces.

Our Clients - - people like you, either can't find the piece they desire; or, learn, after making their find, that the price exceeds their budget. Many decide a faithful reproduction is really not much of a departure from the "authentic" piece, especially if that piece had undergone a major restoration or refinishing ............thereby clouding the importance or authenticity of the provenance of that piece.  After all, how many 250 year old pieces are really totally authentic?

Most of our Clients want to experience the enjoyment of living, daily, with the design and grace of the more desirable pieces rather than being financially excluded from that pleasure.

The most expensive furniture piece sold at auction is the John Townsend 108 inch six shell secretary. It sold at auction for $12,100,000.  No original piece in our standard portfolio sold for less than $1,800,000at auction.  

Our standard portfolio consists of faithful reproductions of that John Townsend  piece together with reproductions of other of  the most notable Townsend - Goddard pieces and notable pieces from the master craftsmen of other eras as well.

We will custom reproduce any piece set forth in Albert Sack's "The New Fine Points of Furniture - Good, Better, Best, Superior, Masterpiece"


duplicate  any of your present chairs, case goods or other pieces

Additional and matching dining room chairs, a matching table to achieve a better balance of a design theme are among the typical requests we receive from Clients.

We pride ourselves on outstanding craftsmanship. Each piece is hand fitted and assembled using the same techniques as those employed during the period of the piece.  Our joinery techniques are the same as those employed 250+ years ago - - dovetails, sliding dovetails, mortise & tenons, rabetted joints, and dadoed joints.

And, as the last steps, all our finishes are applied by hand and are then hand rubbed to achieve either a matte, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss finish desired and specified by you. You can reach me at 203-982-8577 with questions, comments or price quotation requests. 

Should you have a specific furniture piece in mind you would like made send a .jpeg file to and I will reply with a firm price quotation. 

Thank you 

Charlie Kroha
Period Furniture Maker